About BMF

I lived a long while in Minneapolis and did most of the work on this site over those years. I concentrated on custom projects, saw work, and twisted wire work.

I worked with galleries, did art fairs. I made a good little life free of a boss or a commute and full of interesting problems.

This was my studio on the Mississippi. My life is also full of plants.

Then I moved way north to a little town in the woods. I have a dog, a cat, a lot of houseplants, and a view of the forest where I walk with the dog. 

I have all the time to myself and I am selfish with it.

I have used that time to make Big Decisions (other times I walked around and stared at things in the woods). It was time to move away from custom work in order to put some new thoughts into my own work. Find a way to approach it from another angle.

BMF Jewelry came first, I’ve made a lot of things under this name, it’s all about the twirly lines and little dots. I began by tracing, going through books of illuminated manuscripts, architecture, posters, plates- literally anything with decorative lines around the edges from any part of the world. Eventually I didn’t need to trace anymore, I like to think I’d combined elements from all these styles and turned them into something new. I sawed the designs out of silver sheet and twisted wires with a similar balance and rhythm.

This work began when I moved to Tower. I’ve been gathering new inspiration- diagrams of magnetic fields, flying buttresses, maps… Thinking a lot about location. I’ve also been collecting rocks and learning to cut them, incorporating actual bits of where I am.

I wanted to make things about what I was seeing around me in the woods. I notice details, always have. And I wanted to be able to keep working on interesting problems.

I decided to give things a scientific turn- Microscopic. Botanical.

That one’s MINIM.

I’ve always wanted to make large gauge earrings and ear weights.

It’s called Vital Anchor.

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